Our two Keynote Speakers - Knut Stockhusen from schlaich bergermann in Stuttgart and Chris Patterson from Populus - have prepared addresses that will provoke thought and inspiration along the lines of the LSAA 2018 Conference Theme - Innovate Into The Future

 Knut Stocknusen  Chris Paterson
Knut Stockhusen Chris Paterson


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2018 Conference Theme - Innovate into the Future

In the modern world, progress is fast.  Exciting new opportunities and revolutions in buildings lie around every corner.  New ideas in design and sustainability will shape us and our buildings as we go into the future.

Over two days in October, Innovate into the Future will explore the expanding frontiers of architecture and engineering in lightweight structures.  It will both examine the changing ideas and concepts in the field over the years, whilst looking forward to what the future holds.

The conference will show off some of the innovations that will lie at the centre of tomorrow’s world.  Cutting edge modern designs and concepts will be highlighted, illustrating design challenges and solutions.  These will be combined with workshops that leave delegates with a hands-on perspective of these revolutionary ideas.


Theme: "Design Beyond Boundaries"

The Intersection of Architects and Engineers


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LSAA 2013 Conference and Design Awards
Theme “Touching the Earth Lightly”

Lightweight Structures have geometric forms that generally have large surfaces which are doubly curved. Many structures also use modern materials such as fabrics, foils and cables which can only carry loads by tensile forces – the most efficient load carrying action.

This conference will look at the most efficient use of materials & resources to have a marked effect on our planet, our lives and our future.  We want to help get people thinking about building better, building for the environment and living lightly on the planet.

Lightweight structures can not only be light they can be relocatable, reusable, recyclable and offer many sustainable advantages for architects, engineers and developers. Presentations will explore these features.

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2011 Technical Workshop
Design of Tensioned Shadecloth Structures

Venue: Novotel Sydney Olympic Park October 12 2011

Workshop Supported by
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A PDF file from the PowerPoint Presentations are available from the LINKS in the program.