Judging is normally done using two independent persons with a third person in case of a deadlock.

Judging is based on the written responses to a number of questions as well as on suitable (reasonably) high resolution coloured digital images. 

The images must include views of the completed structure, some views of detailing and other views taken during construction.

Video and overview drawings in PDF format may help.

Copyright on images used must permit the LSAA to reuse them for promotional reasons.

All entries must be submitted on the forms supplied, by the closing date along with the required entry fee.

For guidance the following structures were entered in the 2016 Design Awards.


DA2016Entries_00.JPG DA2016Entries_01.jpg DA2016Entries_02.JPG

DA2016Entries_03.jpg DA2016Entries_04.JPG DA2016Entries_05.jpg

DA2016Entries_06.jpg DA2016Entries_07.JPG DA2016Entries_08.jpg

DA2016Entries_09.jpg DA2016Entries_10.jpg DA2016Entries_11.jpg

DA2016Entries_12.JPG DA2016Entries_13.jpg DA2016Entries_14.JPG

DA2016Entries_15.jpg DA2016Entries_16.jpg DA2016Entries_17.jpg

DA2016Entries_18.jpg DA2016Entries_19.JPG DA2016Entries_20.jpg

DA2016Entries_21.jpg DA2016Entries_22.jpg DA2016Entries_23.jpg

DA2016Entries_24.jpg DA2016Entries_25.jpg DA2016Entries_26.jpg

DA2016Entries_27.jpg DA2016Entries_28.jpeg

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