The type of structures built for the recent London Olympics were radically different from those of the earlier Sydney Olympics. The facilities for both events were intended to be constructed in an "environmentally friendly manner". The Sydney structures essentially banned the use of fabrics whereas in London it was embraced.

Many of the London structures could be resized, relocated and reused - critical aspects of the conference theme "Touching the Earth Lightly".

The presentation will be given by Farid Sahnoune of Ferrari.

S2C London 19

The presentation will cover the conceptual ideas behind choosing the waka as the perfect venue for this project including the Maori protocols with choosing such a design.

Design Brief

  • Major Event focus
  • Visitor focus
  • Construction and Deconstruction requirements
  • Ease of storage
  • Ease of Transport
  • Future use for events
  • Design expertise that were met by Structurflex and Compusoft


  • The tribe
  • The funding organisations

The reality and actual experience

  • Rugby World Cup
  • Economic, Cultural and Social outputs
  • TeamNZ

In 2011 Creative Spaces was commissioned to design a cover for proposed new netball courts at Westlake Girls High School in Auckland.  This presentation will cover the design of the project from initial concept to the completion of construction.

S2E Harry 16

The presentation will be given by Harry Street.