Links to current financial LSAA Members (2015-16) are also found under the Member Profiles section of this website where a brief profile is provided.


  1. Shann -
  2. Ricky Richards Sales -
  3. Pro-Knit Industries Pty Ltd -
  4. Nolan UDA -
  5. Innova International Pty Ltd -
  6. Mehler -
  7. Hiroaka (Australia) Pty Ltd -
  8. Halifax Vogel Group -
  9. Aeronaut Automation -
  10. Serge Ferrari -
  11. Polyfab - 
  12. Miami Stainless -
  13. Gale Pacific -


  1. ABC Products -
  2. Baytex Manufacturing -
  3. Shade to Order Pty Ltd -
  4. Structurflex NZ Ltd -

Architects / Designers / Overall Capabilities

  1. Taiyo Membrane Corporation / Makmax -
  2. Greenup Design International -
  3. Technet GmbH -
  4. Ronstan Architectural -
  5. Alexander Pacific Group -
  6. Oasis Tension Structures -
  7. Create Ltd (NZ) -


  1. Wade Design Engineers Pty Ltd -
  2. Tensys Engineers -
  3. Taylor Thomson Whitting Pty Ltd -
  4. Magryn and Associates -
  5. Osborn Lane -
  6. Aurecon Group -
  7. SEMF - Tattersall Engineering -
  8. Arup Engineers

Installers - consult with your fabricator or engineer for reputable firms

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Most LSAA Members have been involved with either membrane structures (design, fabrication, erection, or supply of materials) for a considerable period of time. Being a financial member offers an opportunity to display your company profile on the LSAA website, to benefit from discount fees to conferences and LSAA Design Awards.

Members may be Company, Individual or Student

Company Membership

Company membership entitles a company profile in one of the following categories and discounted fees for conferences and design award entries.

  • Architectural, engineering or designing consultant companies
  • Fabricators and specialist contractors
  • Material manufacturers and suppliers
  • Federal, state and local government departments.


  1. The responsibility of members for the welfare, health and safety of the community shall at all times come before their responsibility to the Industry and their Profession, to sectional or private interests, or to other members.
  2. Members shall act so as to uphold and enhance the honour, integrity and dignity of the Industry and their Profession.
  3. Members shall perform work only in their areas of competence.
  4. Members shall build their reputation on merit and strive to achieve the highest standards in all endeavours, and shall not compete unfairly.
  5. Members believe that the highest standards of the Industry cannot be maintained where adequate reward is lacking. Therefore Member's remuneration for endeavours are to be based on the true costs plus a fair and reasonable reward.
  6. Members shall apply their skill and knowledge in the best interests of their clients.
  7. Members shall give evidence, express opinions, make statements or promote their services in an objective and truthful manner and on the basis of adequate knowledge.
  8. Members shall continue their technical development and shall actively assist and encourage Members under their direction and other Members to advance their knowledge and experience.