For the LSAA 2021 Design Awards, structures completed since October 2018 will be considered.

You can download a Draft of the RULES and ENTRY FORMS (MSWord doc or PDF) for 2021

The main benefit of entering your recently completed project in the LSAA Design Awards is for peer recognition and to enhance your reputation in the industry. You may better your position when competing for future work.

From the viewpoint of the LSAA, we would use all entries to add articles and images of your projects on our website. Each entry would be placed into our "Projects" section of the website as well as under the particular Awards area. In this fashion, the LSAA website would be viewed as being active and your work would be more visible to search engines.

For financial members, the entries enable links to the entrant's website as well as to your company profile page on the LSAA website where new entries are added. In this way visitors can gain an appreciation of the scope of work your company does. Non-members and entries of International projects are also welcome.

The preparation of your entry also provides you with the opportunity to review good projects and include the material, perhaps in a different style, on your website, newsletters as well as adding to your company's legacy. Winning entries will receive a plaque which may look good in a reception area.

Here are some of the entries from the 2018 Design Awards:

The date for the presentation of the LSAA Design Awards "2021" has been set at February 24 2022.

This meeting is likely to be a virtual meeting owing to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

The closing date for entries is 17 December 2021.

The documents for entry requirements are available for download - RULES and the ENTRY FORMS

Structures completed since the last Design Awards in October 2018 are eligible.

Entries from non-members as well as LSAA financial members are welcome.

For New Members, we are offering one free Entry (member fee $400) upon joining prior to the closing date and payment of the yearly subscription fee which has been reduced to $400 for the current year because of Covid.

LSAA Financial Member Benefits include:

  • Recognition by industry peers for the quality and ethics
  • Ability to have a company profile listed on our website
  • Ability to submit items of news to be included on the website
  • Discounts for Conference fees
  • Networking opportunities at Conferences
  • Ability to enter completed projects into the Premier Industry Design Awards and have details of these projects published
  • Discounted fees for Award entries
  • To benefit from work done by the Association on issues such as Fire
  • The ability to use the LSAA logo on your website and letterhead