The date for the presentation of the LSAA Design Awards "2021" has been set at February 24 2022.

This meeting is likely to be a virtual meeting owing to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

The closing date for entries is 17 December 2021.

The documents for entry requirements are available for download - RULES and the ENTRY FORMS

Structures completed since the last Design Awards in October 2018 are eligible.

Entries from non-members as well as LSAA financial members are welcome.

For New Members, we are offering one free Entry (member fee $400) upon joining prior to the closing date and payment of the yearly subscription fee which has been reduced to $400 for the current year because of Covid.

LSAA Financial Member Benefits include:

  • Recognition by industry peers for the quality and ethics
  • Ability to have a company profile listed on our website
  • Ability to submit items of news to be included on the website
  • Discounts for Conference fees
  • Networking opportunities at Conferences
  • Ability to enter completed projects into the Premier Industry Design Awards and have details of these projects published
  • Discounted fees for Award entries
  • To benefit from work done by the Association on issues such as Fire
  • The ability to use the LSAA logo on your website and letterhead