At most LSAA Conferences a Workshop is held and this category is a collection of the images taken at the various events.

The Conference Workshop is open to current students (for free) at the University where the Conference is held. We do this to encourage students to take an interest in Lightweight Structures and give them an opportunity to mix with professionals in the field. Mixed groups of students and industry people tackle the conceptual design of a small fabric structure - perhaps a stage covering or entrance - and the produce a scale model using stocking material.

The 2018 Workshop was relatively poorly attended. The images include an interesting sculptural shell located in the courtyard at UTS.

Photos by Peter Kneen


Groups of students and conference delegates were split into groups to come up with a physical model of a tensioned membrane structure to suit various applications in a substantial recreational park proposal. Vinzenz Sedlak provided some guidelines. Conference speakers moved from group to group to act as mentors. Photos by Peter Kneen.