Over the past year, (2019-20), the LSAA Fire Subcommittee has been working with fire engineering experts (Basic Experts Pty Ltd) to help navigate through the National Construction Code for developing performance solutions for coated tensile fabrics in various circumstances. Basic Expert Pty Ltd has developed a Guide to Preparing a Performance Solution for Fabric which may be downloaded HERE.

The LSAA would like to offer members the opportunity to discuss The Guide and its implications on a Microsoft TEAMS meeting which will be scheduled prior to the AGM from 10:00 am to 11 am on November 27 2020.

As a LSAA member, if you plan to attend could you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain the link before COB Thursday Nov 26 2020

The outline items to be discussed / presented are:

Introduction –

  1. overview of the issue – fabrics not complying with DTS provisions of the BCA; deemed combustible under AS1530.1
  2. How the building industry has adapted to the 2019 Code changes
  3. members experiencing obstacles in getting coated fabrics accepted by Building Surveyors and Fire Engineers for use in projects
  4. this led us to engaging Basic Expert to develop a Guide to Preparing a Performance Solution – covers PVC/PES and PTFE/Glass but applies to other tensile fabrics including HDPE and ETFE.
  5. We still have the issue of Professional Indemnity insurance for various professionals preventing them to use materials that are not DTS – which is contrary to the intention of the Performance Solution provisions of the Code.

Ask for member feedback on the report and any of the above (LJ to document)

Summarize what members have raised and then discuss…

What is the way forward? What can we do as an association to influence the ABCB to change the 2022 edition of the BCA? (Collaboration with other organizations such as the BMAA and the  STA.)

Discuss ideas of how we educate engineers and Architects on the issue with coated fabrics

    • CPD presentations?
    • Speaking engagements at engineering conferences?
    • Collaboration with other organizations such as the BMAA and the  STA.

How do we fund this?