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The LSAA 2020 Conference and Design Awards were to be held in Melbourne at Swinburne from September 17-18 2020.

Probable time is in September or October 2021.

Theme: Re-VIEW, Re-IMAGINE, Re-CREATE See Conference Website

Note: The Design Awards will enable completed innovative and lightweight structures completed since October 2018 to be entered in a number of Categories. The Awards are open to LSAA Members, Non-members as well as from International projects.

Fabric Cover to a Travelator at Ryde Shopping Mall

The LSAA website is being revamped with more images of the exciting structures our members have been involved with.

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have postponed our planned 2020 Conference and Design Awards until some time in 2021 - yet to be determined (July 2020)

The Design Awards enable members and non-members to enter projects that have been completed since the last Awards (October 2018).

Congratulations to India for winning the first test of the 2018 summer season. Next is to start later this week in the brand new 60,000 seat Optus Stadium in Perth. Best wishes to both teams. The Optus stadium roof structure had considerable input from two of our LSAA Members - Arups and MakMax.

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More details of this project can be found HERE

A great Conference Dinner and Design Awards Function was held.

Results will be published shortly but many of the entries can be seen under the Awards menu

Congratulations to New Zealand for the terrific result in winning back the America Cup.

The boats truly represent a pinnacle in terms of Lightweight Structures:

  • superlight and stiff fabrics used for sails
  • elaboarte cutting patterns to achieve the desired three dimensional shapes in the sails
  • orientation of the fabric to resist stresses and maintain the profiles to generate maximum driving forces
  • like many fabric structures, the wind loadings are the dominant load case
  • very flexible supporting systems from high tech materials
  • minimal weights and reliance on moving ballast etc.

In 2013 the LSAA had their Conference in Auckland and we were fortunate to have a presentation about the 2013 NZ efforts.

Well done guys.