The following projects were entered into the LSAA 2018 Design Awards. Scroll down for details.


LSAA 2018 Design Award Entries by Category

Category 1 "Small Structures"

1709 Oran Park Library. [Commendation]

1160  Mandura Fishing Pier Shade Structure.

1405 West End Common.

1400  Ryde Shopping Centre Travelator Canopy. 
        [Excellence Award]

1431 Bondi Pavillion. [Commendation]

1900 Randwick Golf Club Canopy

Category 2 "Medium Structures"

2023 Capital Square Podium. [Commendation]

2070 Knox Grammar School

2107 Carousel Shade Structures [Excellence Award]

2431 Hyper Coaster Queueing Canopies.

Category 3 "Shadecloth Structures"

3136 Yeppoon Shade Structures.

3232 Scarborough Foreshore. [Excellence Award]

Category 5 "Glazing and Facades"

5085 Velodrome Façade

5431 RNA Brisbane Large Animal Pavillion. 
        [High Commendation]

5594 Federation Square Stage Canopy

5627 Monash (Caulfield Campus) Library Shade House 
        [Excellence Award]

Category 4 "Large Structures"

4001 Macquarie University Campus Common.

4066 QUT Sports Field Car Park.

4100 Sumartran Tiger Adventure.

4101 Wellington Regional Bowling Club. 
        [Excellence Award]

4431 Marrara Tennis Centre.

4432 Playford Bowls Club Triple Bowls Green Cover.

4433 Inglis Selling Centre Warwick Farm Racecourse. 

Category 6 "Collaboration"

6123 Home of the Arts Outdoor Stage. 
        [Excellence Award]

6431 Perth Stadium Tensile Membrane Roof. 
        [High Commendation]

Category 7 "Special Applications"

7235 Westfield Chermside Redevelopment. 
        [Excellence Award]

7431 D'Arenberg Winnery Cube Umbrellas.

7432 Perth Stadium Arbour Walk 

7627 Somewhere Other – Venice Biennale Structure 
       [High Commendation]

7700 Dual Skin Safety Net System


The LSAA 2018 Design Awards were for completed projects since November 2016.

The following articles are in random order:


Award of Excellence LSAA 2018 Design Awards (Medium Structures)


Architectural shade Sculptural canopies


Westfield Carousel is one of the largest shopping centres in Perth and is on track to becoming the largest shopping centre in Western Australia. The centre caters to over 630,000 consumers (almost 1/3 of Perth’s population).

In 2017, Westfield Carousel underwent an AUD$350 million redevelopment to create over 60 new retailers, a rooftop dining area, and a fashion precinct. Part of this redevelopment was to install a series of custom structures that would provide shade to the outdoor area but also enhance the design intent of the alfresco area. The client decided on architectural tree-like canopies with aluminium louvers that looked amazing and provided the required shade for shoppers.


Community Gathering hub, Shelter and Performance stage.

Highly Complex, Triangulated, Polycarbonate roof structure, with a complete 3-Dimensional form.

86m2 total roof surface including both structures.


Design Intent

Technical challenges from our perspective where mainly based around design intent and ensuring we could maintain this, whilst managing the overall buildability of the structure to ensure we could build within councils limited budget. We achieved this by working with Council and discussing design changes openly to ensure everyone involved was on the same page. The total Surface area of the Polycarbonate roof panels is 86 m2.

Award of Excellence: LSAA 2018 Design Awards Shadecloth Category


A series of bespoke architectural shade structures


Our scope of the Scarborough Foreshore project included the design & construction of three steel-framed arbour structures that were to be installed as part of a regional redevelopment of Scarborough.

The structures are comprised of 31 architectural ‘tree-like’ stands that support the mesh & realise the architectural vision of the structures. They are placed along the South beachfront, North beachfront, and Intergenerational Plaza of Scarborough

LSAA 2018 Design Awards HIGH COMMENDATION - Category 6 Collaboration


Mixed fabric PTFE and EPTFE Tensile Membrane Roof over the 60,000 seat Perth Optus Stadium.


The crowning cap of the New Perth Stadium is the “halo” roof that appears to float above the main seating bowl and façade. The use of architectural membrane materials created an ultra lightweight roof, enabling a lightweight steel frame to be constructed that compliments the minimal form of the roof.

The roof structure is a continuous fabric roof free from movement joints and integrated with lighting, PA and other systems. The translucent roof was enhanced by the use of 2 fabrics – a PTFE and an EPTFE fabric – with contrasting light transmissions creating a visually exciting texture to the Halo internally.


Five themed PVC Mesh Canopies for shelter of patrons queueing for the DC Rivals Hypercoaster ride at Movie World on the Gold Coast.


The project involved design, fabrication and installation of five PVC “leaf-like” dark mesh canopies with a total fabric area of 415m2 for the leaf structures and 45m2 of wall panels. The canopies are designed to provide shelter from sun and rain for Movie World customers while queueing at the DC Rivals Hyper Coaster Movie World Ride.

The structures were designed to give views of both the coaster and the feature walls depicting DC characters; and to help build excitement for Hyper Coaster customers as they wait in line. The concept architecture required that the fabric design and colour match the theme of the ride.

LSAA 2018 Design Awards AWARD OF EXCELLENCE - Category 6 Collaboration


Outdoor Stage Canopy


As the first project to be delivered from the HOTA masterplan, the Outdoor Stage welcomes people 24/7. It is a highly versatile venue – a black-box theatre with a back wall that folds away completely, opening the box out onto an amphitheatre with seating and lawn space for 5,000 people.

The shade canopy of the Outdoor Stage is a striking steel structure featuring the distinctive HOTA masterplan design motif: the Voronoi – a dynamic, cellular geometric structure that unifies the precinct visually. The overall form of the canopy is defined by the surface of a sphere bounded by two arcs. The canopy’s tubular members are joined to one another with rigid connections, forming a stiff ‘Vierendeel grid shell’ system which resists vertical loads though a combination of bending and axial forces.

High Commendation LSAA 2018 Design Awards (Category 2 Medium Structures)


A series of circular architectural fabric structures


The Capital Square Podium project was part of an overall construction of 3 office towers and the Podium building. A series of circular architectural fabric structures were built on the terrace, using Ferrari Soltis 381 mesh to create ambient shaded areas during the day, and an integrated LED lighting system to produce an element of excitement at night-time. The architectural shade structures were constructed on the rooftop terrace of the Podium, alongside other world-class facilities like a gym, pool and auditorium.

The concept for the development was to create a residential and commercial hub in the heart of Perth’s CBD. The towers are built on the historic site of the Old Emu Brewery, on the corner of Mount Street & Spring Street in Perth. The overall project has a strong focus on sustainability, aiming to achieve 3 separate 5-star Green ratings across design & energy. The client requested a unique set of circular architectural shade structures to compliment the upscale rooftop facilities of the Capital Square Podium building.

LSAA 2018 Design Awards AWARD OF EXCELLENCE - Category 7 Special Applications


Custom Lightweight Architectural Structure with aluminium cladding


As part of the Westfield Chermside AUD$355 million redevelopment, we were contracted for the fabrication and construction of a large scale custom aluminium retail structure, and subsequently, a porte cochère entry structure. The aluminium structure is called the ‘Urchin’ as the distinctive shape resembles the round, jagged edges of a sea urchin. The design intent behind the structure was to create a main focal area for the redevelopment and a “meeting point” for the centre. The area below the Urchin is used for events and entertainment, thanks to its amazing programable LED lighting system integration. The Urchin is our first large architectural structure that does not include any fabric.

High Commendation LSAA 2018 Design Awards - Category 5 Glazing and Facades


Architectural façade for dual purpose structure that is used as a large animal pavilion during the Brisbane Exhibition and as a carpark at other times of the year.


The project was a façade consisting of 1400m2 ST Gobain SGM50 open PTFE mesh and 650m2 solid Chukoh FGT800 PTFE. The façade provided an exciting architectural feature on the exterior of an otherwise bland carpark at the RNA Showgrounds. The facade included “porthole” features which assisted in creating the 50% open requirement for air flow for animal and patron comfort during the 2 weeks of the Brisbane Exhibition. The façade also provided an aesthetically pleasing exterior for the remaining part of the year when the structure is used as a carpark. The area below the carpark is used year round for festivals and events so the façade is a key feature at the RNA showgrounds.

Push-out points in the facade provide a textured look to the solid PTFE faces while the “port holes” break up the mesh face externally and give an external sneak view from the inside of the structure.

Award of Excellence LSAA 2018 Design Awards - Glazing and Facades


Shade Facade


A brutalist brick and concrete library is transformed with many careful interventions into a light filled, open structure at the heart of its university campus setting.

New openings on all sides of the building are designed specifically to respond to the immediate surrounding street, bridge and courtyard spaces. Internally a new full height atrium is cut through existing 19 metre span, post tensioned, concrete T beams. Natural light is drawn into the deep floor plates and acts as a navigating device.


The project was to design and install a unique waterproof shade structure to a Year 11/12 study area at an elite private Grammar School in Sydney.

The area under cover is 760sqm. The space to be shaded was clearly defined and located between the austere 19th century red brick buildings on a second floor flat tiled roof


Beyond a school’s playing fields, exposed concrete surfaces often represented the extent of outdoor space in many schools built a century ago.  Knox Grammar was no different. Today the definition of outdoor space is much more exciting and open to design possibilities. For schools with resources, outdoor spaces can be unique, comfortable, multifunctional and aesthetic.

This project was designed to deliver a modern purposeful student space in an old fashioned but elite private school environment. The shape of the courtyard was not regular. It had an outward projecting building through the centre of the courtyard. The structure had to straddle both sides of the courtyard and protect two sets of doorways.  A “U” shaped double intersecting snake cantilever was born.


Container-mounted architectural structures for university dining hall.


The Macquarie University Campus Common project comprised of the design & construction of a series of 11 container-mounted architectural awnings to cover a new temporary dining area for students. The design involved 6 market structures, 1 larger 30m x 30m ‘main’ structure, and 4 awning structures. The main structure was required to have an internal environmental control system for temperature regulation inside.

The intention of the temporary solution meant that the design allows for the structures to be easily dismantled and relocated in 5 years.

Mandura Fishing Pier


The project was to supply and install a unique waterproof shade cloth structure over the old two lane Mandurah Bridge built in 1952 .

The old bridge was recently decommissioned to vehicles and replaced by a modern 4 lane bridge to cater to growing population and traffic needs of Mandura and the Peel region of WA. The old bridge with it timber and concrete undercarriage was to be partially retained and converted into an attraction.


The area under cover is 207sqm. This is 9m x 23m.  The shade structure weighing ten tonnes with post masts up to 9m tall was built on the bridge platform using only the old piers as anchor points.  Eight posts were braced onto eight old piers. The structure comprises 6 intersecting PVC shade sails. Cut outs were incorporated in the patterning of the sails which enabled posts to poke through the structure at a height of 4m.

The head contractor was charged with building the new bridge and redesigning the old bridge. The Department of Main Roads was the principal client.


Outdoor Stage Canopy


Structure was originally envisaged to disappear into the background of the new digital façade.

Design workshops starting with many different material and went through different iterations of demountable to final permanent structure.  ETFE cushions were originally envisaged as a lightweight and demountable system.

Further development with the end user ended up with a final structure has a thin profile steelwork onto which a thin polycarbonate structure is supported and cantilevered off.

Structure consists of straight lines but no 90 degree angle in the system as the structure emulates the façade digital geometry into its DNA.


Sports stadium on top of a multi-level car park


The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Sportsfield Car Park project was part of the construction of a $27 million multi-story car park at the QUT Kelvin Grove campus in Brisbane. The roof-level is home to a FIFA accredited sports field, developed as part of the long-term expansion plans for the University.

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Sportsfield Car Park features a FIFA-accredited sports field on the roof of the AUD$27 million multi-level car park. This unique project included the design and construction of the steel, PTFE fabric membrane, fall arrest mesh, static line and score board.

Commendation LSAA 2018 Design Awards


Al-fresco canopies over street area for hospitality and retail for the Pacific Bondi mixed use development, directly facing Bondi Beach.


An architecturally styled pair of al-fresco canopy covers for the hospitality area of the Pacific directly facing Bondi Beach, designed to reflect the beach front environment with a form chosen to evocate waves and the ocean. The structures were envisioned to generate a different look from traditional al-fresco umbrellas, awnings and canopies to compliment the seaside position and included infrared heaters and white LED up-lighting to add warmth and atmosphere for night time use.

Award of Excellence LSAA 2018 Design Awards Large Structures


Bowling green tensile membrane roof


The overall project was specifically conceived and designed to provide a community meeting point to focus and reinvigorate the residents of a depressed suburb which had been in steady decline for more than 30 years. Many residents of this suburb are elderly and due to transportation access and costs seldom left their homes, hence social integration and community interaction was poor. The additional aim of the project was to have the elderly and young be involved in community based sports and activities to invigorate, inspire, and bond fellow citizens.

The client requested a facility that would provide a modern, strong and striking aesthetic focal point for the community. Strong consideration for contemporary design using cost effective materials and building solutions and a highly functional space which could be adapted for use indoor and outdoor lawn bowls to concerts, big screen movies and other community organised events was paramount. Clearly a large building with clear and unobstructed span was required.

7700 1

Innovative architectural alternative to Safety Hoarding for the construction industry


The Dual-Skin Safety Netting Structure made from tensioned fabric is changing the way the construction Industry looks at traditional hoarding and safety nets. 

Using architectural fabrics and tension membrane engineering outside the square to provide aesthetic cost saving safety control measures. 

By providing a safety net structure that could protect the public from the works above saved the client almost 1 million in overtime costs when they would usually be working a night.  This solution provided the client the ability to work during the day without closing down the area with the exclusion zones.  Prior to the solution, the client could only do these works at nighttime as this project is in one of the largest high-rise buildings in the Sydney CBD. 

1900 07

To Provide weather protection for patrons of the golf club with a lightweight, nautical architectural feel but engineered strong enough to handle the extreme coastal weather conditions.


RGC - The site is a Golf club that has been looking for ways to increase revenue for more financial security. The club was looking for help to modernise the look of the club to increase patron numbers and hire capabilities. They were looking for a creative and unique design to draw patrons to the outside dining area of the venue that had amazing views. They also wanted a structure that would not get damaged by flying golf balls and draw the eye out to the view. A tension membrane structure was the perfect solution for this application.


Cover over 3 adjacent bowling greens at the Playford City Bowls club, South Australia.


The design, fabrication and installation of the largest tensile membrane canopy structure over a bowling green in the Southern Hemisphere. The 5300m2 PVC (Mehler FR900N) structure covers a total of 21 rinks (120m length), lit with state of the art LED sports lighting, allowing year round utilization of the bowling green’s irrespective of the weather conditions. In addition to bowls, the venue is also used to host corporate and social events.


2 roof canopies for tennis courts – one to cover the synthetic show court and stadium seating; and one to cover another synthetic multipurpose court.


The project involved design, fabrication and installation of 2 fabric roof structures at the Marrara Tennis Centre (now Darwin International Tennis Centre) – one weatherproof shelter to cover the Main Show Court and its associated seating; and another protective shade shelter over a multi-purpose court. The project had a total plan covered area of over 3,750m2 with Mehler FR1000N being used on the Main Court and Gale Commercial Heavy 430 on the Multipurpose Court.

The main show court is a long spanning roof, covering a 60m x 50m space. Given the cyclonic location, this presented additional design challenges throughout the project.

Award of Excellence, LSAA 2018 Design Awards Cat 1 Small Structures

Application of Project

Retail Development Travelator Canopy

Project Description

As part of Ryde Shopping Centre upgrade with a new major first floor supermarket tenant, a new travelator was installed linking two existing structures; the main shopping centre and the shopping centre car park.

The canopy protects the travelator users from adverse weather.

The canopy is stretched between two large steel rings attached to the building facades and provides an interesting screen for coloured LED projections.


Cable-net arbour walkway incorporating artwork panels, vines & foliage and feature lighting, linking the New Perth Stadium with the parklands precinct and the main transport infrastructure hubs of Swan River Pedestrian Bridge and the Stadium Train Station.


A 350m long architectural tensioned cable-net structure, supporting indigenous inspired artwork panels, crawling vines and plants and feature programmable LED lighting. The Arbour walkway was designed to guide the major pedestrian flows on game day from the main transport hubs at either side of the stadium precinct. The cable-net structure snakes around half of the stadium and is supported by bespoke steel arches with tapered bases. In total over 3,500 artwork panels, perforated with designs inspired by local indigenous groups, are supported by nearly 15km of stainless steel cables and clamps. At the bases of the arches, vines and crawling plants grow from garden beds and in time will rise up and over the precinct pathways below.


Architectural and functional shade provision for the rooftop of an iconic cubic wine-tasting building at D’Arenberg Winery SA.


Design, fabrication and installation of a world-first collection of 16 x 5 metre multi-coloured architectural and functional umbrellas providing patterned shade over the roof of an iconic “cubic” wine-tasting pavilion at the D’Arenberg Winery in McLaren Vale, South Australia. The “mary-poppins” styled umbrellas were required to be supplied with an automatic opening function to assist in reducing building heat load; and also to automatically close during in high wind. The retraction system needed to not only to close the umbrellas, but to also lay them fully flat on the cube’s roof.

LSAA 2018 Design Awards HIGH COMMENDATION - Category 7 Special Applications


Art Architecture Installation


Subjects of continual exploration in the work of, portals to frame views and establish connections between buildings and their context. This project extends this function further - a calibrated device and a long lens between Venice and Australia. Looking through these portals will introduce the viewer to the buildings of John Wardle Architects, landscapes of Australia, and the craft of several collaborators that were central to realising the work.


Architectural shade canopy over a skatepark


Livingstone Shire Council were looking for a unique solution to traditional hypar shade structures when planning for the skatepark redevelopment at Yeppoon Lagoon. The shade structure was designed to become a focal point of the skate park. It’s a shade structure, but it’s also a colourful, fun, artistic addition to the outdoor sport facility.

The skatepark construction was part of Stage 5 of the Yeppoon Lagoon redevelopment, which also includes a beach amphitheatre, road/pedestrian network upgrades, a kiosk, water play area, wave pool, mini golf course, multi-level car park and a car wash.

Commendation at LSAA 2018 Design Awards


In late 2017, the new Oran Park Library & Community Resource Centre underwent an AUD$13.8million development. Part of the works was a design & construction contract for a lightweight architectural ETFE façade at the front of the library. The façade faces the Western sun, providing an effective solar barrier from the heat, and adding a striking aesthetic to the building.

The façade features a series of triangular 2-layer ETFE cushions, alternating in colour and direction, in red, yellow, white and translucent foil with a standard frit pattern print.

The development plan for the Community Centre had a specification for an artwork requirement, so the client was after a functional façade that also satisfied the criteria of structural artwork. A structure such as the Oran Park ETFE façade is considered a piece of architectural artwork as it includes elements of creativity amid the constraints of a functional piece of engineering.


Zoo Enclosure for Sumatran Tigers.


The Sumatran Tiger Enclosure at Taronga Zoo consists of three separate enclosures.

Enclosure 1 and 3 are free form tensile roof canopies constructed from X-Tend Mesh.

X-Tend Mesh effectively acts as a tensioned cable net structure.

The mesh is tied to catenary cable boundaries connected to masts with tieback cables and is pushed / pulled up with 4 flying masts in each enclosure.

The flying masts are supported on a structural cable net that is attached to a large central mast and tied back to the perimeter masts structures.

On these two enclosures, there are also free form tensioned X-Tend Mesh walls that are suspended from the X-Tend Mesh roof structure and tied to the ground or to other viewing and husbandry buildings projecting into the enclosures.


Façade Structure


To create a lightweight façade structure for Jakarta Velodrome – extending the designs and concept developed with Cox Architecture for the Queensland State Velodrome for Indonesia.

Commendation LSAA 2018 Design Awards Large Structures


Large canopies with a fabric surface area over 2800m2 to cover multiple areas at the Inglis Selling Centre Warwick Farm Racecourse


The project was the design, fabrication and installation of multiple decorative and functional canopies for the Inglis Selling Centre at Warwick Farm Racecourse. With an overall Chukoh FGT800 PTFE fabric area of approximately 3060m2, the project covered multiple areas and structure types - “Trees” to cover the horse parade ring; a shelter canopy for the patron walkway for the pre-parade ring; a canopy for the wedding pavilion, and awnings for the hotel.