2016 Cat 1 Perth Childrens Hospital

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Category 1 (Small Structures) Winners

High Commendation (1) Perth Children's Hospital - Fabritecture

Location: Subiaco, WA.   Completed: July 30 2015  Client: John Holland Group
Team: JCY Architects, Greenup Design International, Fabritecture, Textile Fabrication Services, Fabritecture

High Commendation (2) 'I Dips Me Lid' - John Wardle Architects

Location: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.   Completed: 15 September 2015  Client: National Gallery of Victoria
Team: Matthew van Kooy, John Bahoric, Electrolight (lighting), 3D Structural Solutions (Shop Drawings), Light Project, Engineering Directions

Category 2 (Medium Structures) Winners

Award of Excellence (1) Hagley Oval Cricket Pavilion - Fabric Structure Systems

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand.   Completed: October 2014  Client: Cantebury Cricket Association
Team: Athfield Architects, Wade Design Engineers Ltd, Southbase, Fabric Structure Systems

Award of Excellence (2) Jakarta ETFE Canopy - Fabritecture

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia.   Completed: June 2015  Client: Leightons Asia
Team: Denton Corker Marshall, Maffeis Engineering, Fabritecture, Seele Covertex

Award of Excellence (3) Shop With Me Mobile Pop Up - Tensys Engineers Pty Ltd

Location: Chicago / New York / Dallas / Las Vegas / San Jose.   Completed: 2014  Client: with me. com

Category 4 (Large Structures) Winners

High Commendation Pacific Fair Resort Roof - Fabritecture

Location: The Esplanade.   Client: Scentre Group (Westfield)
Team:  Scentre Group (Westfield), Wade Design, Textile Fabrication Services, Fabritecture 

Other Categories Winners

Award of Excellence (1) Jim Stynes Bridge - Aurecon

Location: Docklands, Victoria.   Completed: June 18, 2014  Client: State Government of Victoria and City of Melbourne
Team: Cox Architects, Aurecon, Oculus (Landscape), Cox Architects (Urban Design), Electrolight, Architecture & Access, RPS Project Management, Aurecon, Fitzgerald Constructions, Fitzgerald Constructions, Focus Engineering

Award of Excellence (2) 50 Martin Place - Glass Roof - Taylor Thomson Whitting

Location: 50 Martin Place, Sydney.   Client: Macquarie
Team: Johnson Pilton Walker, Taylor Thomson Whitting, Brookfield Multiplex, Sharvain Pacific Steel

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