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Andrew Lingman - We can measure more accurately, while saving time and money

Andrew Lingman - We can measure more accurately, while saving time and money


Andrew joined Baytex in 2002. His extensive experience in mechanical engineering and fabric membrane design has been very beneficial to the many projects Baytex have created during his tenure. Andrew’s role in Baytex has evolved over the years from Design Manager through to his current role as General Manager in mid-2020. This role change has been a natural transition of his leadership style ensuring every aspect of the manufacturing process is monitored with experienced team leaders to ensure the customer receives the Baytex product they have come to expect. Providing projects to clients worldwide, Andrew and his team have gained an international reputation for design, engineering, quality workmanship and dedicated project management which have all contributed to Baytex’s world class performance.

Presentation Title: We can measure more accurately, while saving time and money

Short synopsis of the presentation:

Project description – Caroline Bay Sound Shell – Tension Membrane Canopy Replacement.

A bespoke stage structure that was created 25 years ago with hand drawn sketches and onsite frame modifications, required a renewal of the PVC membrane tensile canopy.

Our main challenges for this project were its location (1100 km from our factory) and although it is very simple in design, there were the obvious accuracy and placement of the curved frame structural tubing issues to contend with. Traditional site measuring technics were going to be problematic as well as its location if anything was missed for patterning.

Having attended our OFPANZ conference a few months earlier I listened to a speaker that was implementing 3d laser scanning processes with their site measures. A little bit of investigation and we were lead in a completely new direction for our site measuring of custom projects. A whole new world of opportunity was presented, that has speed up, given us far more accurate patternable geometry and ultimately created the perfect result for our client.  

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