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Publications produced by the LSAA include proceedings from its Conferences and Seminars since 1981. 

In addition, there are some other (free) documents available for download.

The LSAA has a small introductory booklet covering Membrane Structures.

Download the Membrane Structures Booklet 9 page PDF PDF

Topics briefly covered include:

  • Background
  • Design
  • Structural Materials
  • The LSAA
  • History of Fabric Architecture
  • What are Membrane Structures
  • What is a Tensile Membrane Structure
  • Materials
  • Design Considerations
  • Design Guidelines
  • Costs
  • Environmental Issues
  • Special Construction Features
  • Example Applications
  • The LSAA

Updated March 2011.

The LSAA is developing a set of Design Guidelines for parties involved in the Design, Fabrication and Installation of Tensioned Membrane Structures.

This document intends to cover both "solid" membranes as well as "shadecloth" structures.

Download a PDFPDF 

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