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Dr Daniel Prohasky - an architectural engineer and roboticist

Dr Daniel Prohasky is an architectural engineer and roboticist passionate about translating research towards accelerating the scaled adoption of exciting, resourceful and low-carbon architecture.

Daniel pursues the multidisciplinary integration of knowledge and systems of design with a focus on the development of novel elegant robotic systems to build exciting cities of the future. Daniel has worked as a research engineer with two of the most innovative engineering firms in the world, Arup and Aurecon. Where he encouraged and implemented new ways of tackling engineering problems using the latest in computational tools and innovative thinking.

Daniel is passionate about building resourceful and elegant architecture. He believes that, as engineers and architects, one of the most important challenges of our time is the need to reduce waste and atmospheric carbon emissions - yesterday. He’ll help you develop the abilities to create, not only environmentally sustainable architecture, but also, beautiful buildings that people love and are excited to dwell within!

He is devoted to invigorating your innovative thinking. Leading by example, he has created Curvecrete, a new advanced manufacturing and architectural engineering practice tackling these challenges. So, you can have the chance to tap in to firsthand experiences with the construction industry and real-world low-carbon construction projects.

He was voted the Victorian Professional Engineer of the Year award in 2023 Engineers Australia Excellence Award.

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