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LSAA 2016 Awards, Background Details

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Here is a more complete article on Frei Otto's legacy and influence on our own association. We will ask if we have progressed significantly and importantly it will be a great opportunity to look forward to our future design challenges and structures.

It will be a two day event with an informal pre-conference dinner TBC.

The held over Design Awards will be a major feature of the Conference Dinner
Rules and categories for 2016 can be seen HEREEntries closed August 12th 2016

Entry Fees $150 members, $200 non-members per project.

Download the Entry Forms for Projects (PDF File) (opens in a new window) or in MSWord Format ("downloads" - preferred for submitting). Note that following the Awards, the entries are converted into "articles" which can be found under the "Projects" page of our website under various categories. You can get an idea of the format of the entry informations from these articles.

In 2016 there is also a new type of Award for a Personal Lifetime Achievement Award - see separate article. Note that there is a new "International Category" that might interest non-LSAA members.