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LSAA 2011 Collaborative Design Background

LSAA 2011 Conference on Collaborative Design and LSAA Design Awards

Venue: Novotel Sydney Olympic Park, 13-14 October Thursday & Friday 2011.

The unique characteristics of larger Lightweight Structure applications – stadia, transport hubs, exhibition spaces, clear span environmental protection – requires an added degree of collaborative design input to be successful.  It is also a feature of these structures that the design details are exposed, very variable in 3D geometry and visible which in turn demands an extra level of design input. There is normally specialized expertise needed for the erection or assembly of such delicate but graceful structures.


The Conference is supported by Engineers Australia

Iconic Lightweight Structures are successful if there is a truly collaborative design team that includes the end client, project managers, architects, engineers (structural and for services in particular), specialized suppliers of high tech fabrics, cables, anchorages, glazing and other components. 

Many solutions – particularly those involving architectural fabrics and cable supporting systems – will be prestressed and as such skilled installers are needed and their input is critical early in the design process.

More and more, these team members will need to communicate and build up a 3D virtual structure from which all members can both visualize the details, determine stresses and erection sequencing as well as provide costings and assurances that there are no clashes when constructed. This requires the different software systems to adhere to interoperability standards to reduce errors. The current Building Information Model software concepts and various related standards for information storage are seen to be central to the efficient working of the design team and the final realization of the project. This virtual model should be capable of simulating erection and be available for ongoing asset management of the facility.