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Marassi Beach Resort, Egypt
Marassi Beach Resort, Egypt

Marassi Beach Resort, Egypt


LSAA 2011 Design Award Entry (3185)


Shading systems: The Marassi beach Clubhouse, resort villas, and spas required a large range of shading systems.


Marassi is a Mediterranean‐styled resort development sprawling across 1,544 acres of pristine waterfront. Situated along the magical shores of Sidi Abdul Rahman bay, the resort is close to Alexandria and a few miles away from the historic city of El Alamein.


The Marassi beach Clubhouse, resort villas, and spas required a large range of shading systems. The main circular bar area was covered using a multi‐layered shade sail system with one central connection post. Selected outdoor seating areas were also shaded using a series of smaller hypar‐shade sails grouped into multiple rectangular configurations. The finished design incorporates a total of 66 posts, 2 diamond shaped sails, 4 triangular sails and 21 rectangular hypar sails.

The design requirements of the shading systems were:

• The design was to remain visually light and compliment surrounding Mediterranean architecture

• Fabric sails to be layered and attached at alternating heights

• Sails to mimic the look of multiple boat sails

• Shade sails to provide weather protection to the required outdoor areas


The clients brief was for the main circular bar area to be covered using a multi layered shade sail system with a central post and for the various outdoor seating areas to be shaded using a series of smaller hypar‐shade sails grouped into different areas so that single posts supported multiple sails.

The final approved design involved 66 posts, 2 diamond shape sails, 4 Triangular Sails and 21 rectangular hypar‐ sails. The combination of varied fixing heights and shapes adhered to the client’s aesthetic requirements to create a final installation that is visually impressive and well complimented by the stunning architecture of the resort and the spectacular location on the edge of the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea.

A specialist installation technician was sent to direct local labour


The entire project was designed and detailed based on theoretical geometry. In keeping with this design, the hold down bolts installed by the local construction contractor needed to be installed to very tight dimensional tolerances. This added further complexity to the coordination and management of the project. Structural steel was also provided locally and therefore the sail geometry was reliant on accurate steel fabrication and installation.


The fabric used for the structures was Monotech 370 Shadecloth which was selected due to its high quality, durability and UV protection. Monotech Shadecloth has a 10 year warranty against UV degradation.


The steel was manufactured locally in Egypt. The shade sails and fixtures, however, were exported from Australia and sent to Egypt along with an Australian installer to supervise the installation and tensioning of the sails.

The location proved to be a unique factor of the project. Modern day engineered fabric structures are not widely used in Egypt; therefore an international firm was required for the project’s design and construction. Using locally‐supplied Egyptian steel put a large limitation on the design due to the limited range of steel sizes. A stringent quality assurance program was put in place to ensure that the steel grade and quality of fabrication was up to the required standard.


The design and engineering was completed in Australia, fabrication of the fabric was completed in New Zealand and the steel was supplied and fabricated by a local Egyptian steel fabricator. The entire project needed to be completed in seven weeks. This tight timeframe was achieved through a detailed and committed global project management and coordination team.


Project Number: 3185

Title: Marassi Beach Resort, Egypt

Location: Marassi, North Egypt, Egypt

Entrant: Fabritecture Pty Ltd

Role: Project management of Design & Construction

Client: UFS America

Architect: Emaar Egypt

Structural Engineer: Alliance Design Group Engineers

Builder: Fabritecture Pty Ltd

Fabricator: Fabric Structure Systems