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LSAA Design Awards - General Rules

LSAA Members and non-members may enter (different fees apply).

The Awards are open to companies or individuals who have acted as the main designer, fabricator or installer. 
The "project" may be part of larger facility - e.g. an Atrium, Facade, Entrance, Roof.

However only one entry per project will be considered. Draft 2024 RULES and ENTRY FORMS can be downloaded.

DETAILS (Outline only)

  1. One entry per project
  2. Entry forms must be completed and submitted with entry fees by the due date
  3. Judging is based on the written information and a range of high quality digital images as specified
  4. Images should show overall concept and design, main supporting systems, a range of connection details, erection, interior and exterior views.
  5. CAD drawings may assist but must be in PDF format
  6. Material submitted including images must be cleared of any Copyright restrictions and entries will be used as a basis for new articles on the LSAA website and Social Media outlets.
  7. Proposed new fees per entry (for 2024) are $AUD200 for LSAA Financial members and $AUD300 for non-members. One free entry in the Small or Medium sized category.