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OFPANZ 2022 Conference Attendees
OFPANZ 2022 Conference Attendees

OFPANZ 2022 Conference Highlights

The annual OFPANZ Conference was held in Nelson New Zealand 29 June-2 July 2022.

As an association we are working on a few key initiatives - Training, Memberships, Sustainability and Name Change.

  1. Training - We are very excited to announce that our industry qualification has been approved for an early review which means that we will be adding a level 4 qualification hopefully by the end of 2023. We are continuing to work with our new Private Training Enterprise, MAST Academy, to promote the current qualification and get learners engaged.

  2. Memberships- We have about 40% of canvas fabricators in New Zealand as industry members. We are working to provide more benefits as well as reviewing the name for our organisation to see if there might be a better fit to attract more members of the industry.

  3. Sustainability – Our members know that we have a duty to be looking into being more sustainable. We have formed a sustainability subcommittee to work on what it is that we can do as an association to look at how to make our products more circular, and sustainable.

    1. At his most recent LSAA committee meeting, James Mizen has discussed OFPANZ’s desire to be involved in both of the ‘TEXBACK’ and ‘AU based recycling companies’ sustainability conversations moving forward.

  4. Name Change: It was discussed and agreed that OFPANZ needs to consider a name change to better reflect the association moving forward, and attract more members, also to link into our parent association, now called Advanced Textiles Association (ATA).

    1. At this stage ATANZ or STANZ seem to be the front runners, but no final decisions have been made.

For more details about OFPANZ (Outdoor Fabric and Products Association of New Zealand) see their website