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ICSA Lisbon 2019 Conference

The LSAA has agreed to co-sponsor ICSA2019 and has pleasure in listing the following information.

For more details, please visit their site directly at http://www.icsa2019.com/

The International Conference on Structures and Architecture is the world's leading and largest global conference bridging the gap between Structures and Architecture.

The contributions on creative and scientific aspects in the conception and construction of structures, on advanced technologies and on complex architectural and structural applications represent a fine blend of scientific, technical and practical novelties in both fields. 


Although Architecture and Structural Engineering have both their own historical development, their interaction has led to many fascinating and delightful structures. To bring this interaction to a next level there is a need to stimulate the inventive and creative design of architectural structures to persuade architects and structural engineers to further collaborate in this process, exploiting together new concepts, applications and challenges.

The conference is intended for an audience of researchers and practitioners world-wide with a background in architecture and in structural engineering. 

It includes architects, structural and construction engineers, builders and building consultants, construction industry persons, academics, researchers, students, product manufacturers, material suppliers, project managers and contract administrators, asset managers, government authorities of infrastructure development and others.

Key Dates are:

Conference July 24-26 in Lisbon, Portugal.
Abstract submissions Feb 15 2018
Preliminary Abstract Acceptance May 15 2018
Full Paper Submission November 15 2018
Final Paper Acceptance Feb 15 2019