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Cockburn Town Square
Cockburn Town Square

Cockburn Town Square

This project was entered in the 2013 LSAA Design Awards (Small Structures, 1301) by Fabritecture

Cockburn Town Square

  • Location: Cockburn Town Centre
  • Client: Phase 3 Landscapes
  • Completion Date: February 2013

Fabritecture delivered the design and installation of a customized fabric structure that echoed the vibrant community tapestry of Cockburn in Western Australia.



In line with the project brief, Fabritecture utilised the design inspiration of a multi faceted community and its lifestyle needs.

The finished fabric structure provides an iconic and unique landmark - a welcome addition to the tapestry of community life.


Located in the city of Cockburn in Western Australia, the town centre has been designed with a vibrant mix of residential, retail and commercial properties.

Fabritecture designed, manufactured and installed the custom fabric structure for Cockburn Town Centre.

The design brief, Fabritecture was given, was to deliver a focused multifunctional, vibrant and active social hub, which would be, at the heart of the development.


Monotec 370 Fabric in three colours:

· Chino

· Graphite

· Sheba

79 individual fabric panels

Stainless steel cable grid holding the panels made up of 26 individual cables and 12 tie cables.

2500 fabric to cable clamps holding the fabric panels to the cable grid. Steelwork in plan view was presented an unusual and unique shape.


Installation of this unique fabric structure was located over existing steps and on soft sand. The location prevented the easy use of boom lifts due to not being able to drive on soft sand.

Two cranes were used to install the steelwork, one to hold the quadrilateral central section while a second flew in the rafter arms.

The whole structure had to be held until all the tie cables were installed, to hold the self-supporting central steelwork

Reflecting the sustainable principles of recycle, reuse, connectivity and linkages and incorporating flexible spaces which would create social interaction and accommodate community events, creating a diversity of colour, space, light and shade that would enhance community lifestyles.


  • Structural Engineer:  ADG
  • Builder:  Fabritecture
  • Fabricator:  Fabritecture
  • Installer:  Fabritecture