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LSAA Ongoing Technical Subcommittee Work

Technical work being undertaken by the LSAA is currently focused on the PFAS environmental debate.

Recent attention has been on Fire Issues following on fires being spread up tall buildings because of inappropriate use of combustible cladding material.

LSAA Design Guidelines

This document has been issued for public comment and its aim is to document what is considered to be industry best practice.

It recognises that the field of tensioned fabric structures is a specialized area and the guidelines elaborate that these structures should be designed by close collaboration between competent and experienced persons.

Download a copy HERE

LSAA Design Handbook

The Handbook is more in its early stages of development. The intention is to develop a definitive "Code" or "Standard" for the design and construction of tensioned membrane structures.

For a general description of tensioned membrane structures - download a brochure HERE