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S3E Parametric Infrastructure Design

The Architectural Design of Bridges

Digital models are explicit - every aspect of a design is well-defined and can be described.  A digital model in which a design is represented explicitly allows us, for example, to get the coordinates of any point, to produce plans, sections and elevations and eventually, to build.

Parametric models are different. A parametric model depends upon relationships between parts. A parametric model is defined by rules and constraints, which define aspects of a design and their relationships with each other. Changing a rule or constraint, or modifying a part of the model itself, has implications on the entire model.

Warren and Mahoney employ two pieces of parametric software – Bentley’s Generative Components and McNeel’s Rhinoceros with Grasshopper and have recently won several infrastructure design projects.

The lecture will focus on the use of parametric modelling, using Rhinoceros and Grasshopper - in the design of three key projects. It will discuss Hendon Bridge - a 320 metre long pedestrian footbridge over the new State Highway 20 extension at Waterview; Memorial Bridge, Christchurch - a gateway bridge to Christchurch and Pt Resolution bridge, an 80 metre long pedestrian bridge connecting Tamaki Drive with the Pt Resolution headland and Parnell baths.

The presentation will be given by Dean Mackenzie an Associate with Warren and Mahoney.

Dean joined Warren and Mahoney in 2010 after working in New York for Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). His significant design experience includes work across a range of building types and encompasses large and complex cultural, commercial and infrastructure projects across the United States, the Middle East and Asia. These include the design of significant commercial and residential towers, the masterplanning of corporate headquarters and the design of sporting and cultural projects. He has also contributed to the design of several commercial, institutional and bridge projects in New Zealand.

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