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Mpowerdome Entry Structure
Mpowerdome Entry Structure

Mpowerdome Entry Structure


Entered in the LSAA 2007 Design Awards (Cat 1, 1837) "Entrances & Canopies"

Entrant: UFS Australasia Pty Ltd

Client: Mpowerdome    Architect: Small Quinton Coleman Architects
Structural Engineer: Wade Consulting Group    Builder: UFS
Fabricator(s): Fabric Shelter Systems

Application: The application of the Mpowerdome Entry Structure is;
1.  To provide an architectural focal point that identifies the main entry to the venue
2.  To provide and entry canopy
3.  To provide a sheltered area to assemble or queue prior to entering the structure


Design Brief

The original design detailed by the architect was a flat steel roof that sloped back toward the main structure,
the client didn’t particularly like the design and left it up to UFS to design an alternative tensile fabric structure
that was more attractive than the tin roof yet achieved the same practical results and remained within the
DA requirements.

UFS came up with the concept of providing 4 connected inverted cones that occupied the same foot print, in plan and elevation as the original design as well as creating a structure with a stunning profile to lure
players and spectators toward the entry point to the main venue.

The final result is a perfectly practical structure that captures the true complexities of advanced membrane technology.

Structural System

The final design was the result of careful 3D analysis and many design meetings, The structure incorporates the following structural systems;

1.  Design loading to AS 1170

2.    4 main columns that support the roof and double as down-pipes for rain water

3.  Footings below finished ground level

4.  Conical tensile form

5.  Centenary cables and membrane clamp plates

6.  Circular bail ring with clamp plates and jacking system


1.  Ferrari 702S Translucent Membrane - chosen for it’s premium quality and light transmitting properties

2.  Structural steel - galvanized and painted - chosen for it’s strength and resistance to corrosion

3.  Galv cable and stainless fittings chosen for it’s tensile strength and resistance to corrosion


1.  Patterned fabric, plotted, and high frequency welded together to a tolerance of +- 5mm for a
       finished panel

2.  Typical steel fabrication - hot dip galv, linishing, wip-blasting and painting

Construction method - Erect steel frame then install and tension fabric

Total Project Cost: 100k

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