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External View of the MLC Senior School Centre
MLC School - Senior Centre (2022 DA Entry by Ronstan)

MLC School - Senior Centre (2022 DA Entry by Ronstan)


Façade Shading Structure.


Atmosphere façade system, a lightweight sunshade screen facade; perforated aluminium panels mounted on tensioned cables attached to building façade structures.


BVN architects had specified the Atmosphere system for use on the school building. BVN were familiar with the system from previous project work.

Ronstan, working for Webforge Locker, were responsible for the structural design of the façade cables and the bracket attachments to the primary building structures. There was a multitude of different bracket requirements to suit the complex and varied primary structure details.

Ronstan’s installation brief was installation of cable support brackets, tensioned cables with pre fitted panel clamps and the perforated aluminium panels which were fabricated and supplied finished by Webforge Locker.


The Atmosphere system was developed by Locker Webforge with the assistance of Ronstan.

The façade is a lightweight solution with a weight of approximately 5kg/m2.

It features folded perforated alumnium panels which provide sun shading, screening and a decorative element to the building façade.

The Panels are mounted on clamps attached to cables which are install on the building structure and then tension to design tensions.

Folds and perforations can provide sun shading but still allow views through the sunscreen.  See attached Atmosphere brochures.


Ronstan stainless steel cables are strong and compact and visually discrete compared with alternative fixed sunscreen support (eg rigid mullions).

Aluminium panels are finished with fluoropolymer powdercoating which offers durable colourfastness and longevity.

Panel clamps are stainless steel castings with inert isolators at the panel interface.


The Cables and Panels are made to tight tolerances required for facades. Panel clamps are fitted to cables in a special jig that is accurate to +/- 1mm.

Panels are made on NC punching machines so very accurate fabrication.


Ronstan brought our strong expertise in install methods to the project.

All bracket anchors are setout to plan using professional surveyors and then brackets installed and positions and levels confirmed.

There are slotted holes in brackets for cables so they can be positioned to tight tolerance along the building façade and cable anchorages can be adjusted vertically on threaded cable terminations when installed.

It is obvious if the sunscreens are installed poorly as there are horizontal lines and vertical gaps between panel stacks that should be uniform across the façade,

Ronstan has developed expertise in preassembly of panels on cables at ground level before crane lifting the panel stack into place on the building, deploying this on several occasions where space and cranes were available.  This is enables large areas of façade to be installed within a very short period of time and significantly faster that stick-built alternatives.

This method was used on MLC as EWP access on all sides of the building was limited and the school had assembly space on the playing fields adjacent to the site that the tower crane could reach. Due to the school privacy requirements, time lapse photography was impossible, but we have provided several videos of the same tensile façade system being installed on two similar previous projects.

Assembly at ground level is also easier, safer and quicker than working at height.


The selection of materials and finishes is key to low maintenance.

Stainless steel requires little maintenance with a washdown from rain satisfying most requirements. In places on this project cables are sitting under building projections and should be inspected on a routine basis in accordance with the recommended maintenance programme.

Fluoropolmer finishes in alumimium are excellent and low maintenance with the coating being inert.


Project ID Number              5134

Project Name                     MLC School Senior Centre

Project Location                 Rowley Street

City / Suburb                     Burwood

State                                NSW

Country                             AUS

Postcode                           2134

GPS Location                    

Completion Date                Nov-18

Preferred Category             6

Entrant Name                    Ronstan Tensile Architecture

Address                             19 Park Way

City / Suburb                     Braeside

State                                VIC

Country                             AUS

Postcode                           3185

Contact Phone Number       03 8586 2000

Mobile Number                  

Email Address                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website Address                www.ronstantensilearch.com

Entrant Type / Role            Sub Contractor

Project Client                     MLC School

Project Architect                BVN Architects

Structural Engineer             Taylor Thomson Whitting

Specialist Consultant & Role Tensys Eng

Other Consultants & Role   

Building Contractor            Lipman

Fabricator(s)                      Webforge Locker