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Moet & Chandon Marquee
Moet & Chandon Marquee

Moet & Chandon Marquee


Entered in the LSAA 2007 Design Awards (4001)  Category Internal and Sculptures

Entrant: Taiyo Membrane Corp (MakMax)

Client: Moet & Chandon Australia     Architect: Chris Bosse (PTW)
Structural Engineer: Xiang Du (TMC)    Fabricator(s): Taiyo Membrane Corp

Application and Function:

The marquee was for Melbourne Cup 2005, Australia’s biggest annual horse racing event.  It was created

to transform a marquee to a striking, atmospheric event space inspired by the formation and structure of champagne bubbles of Moet & Chandon.



Design Brief

The client wanted to create striking, atmospheric event space to compliment their product.

Lycra fabric was chosen to realize the client’s and architect’s concept into actual event space using champagne formation as inspiration.

Structural System

A off the shelf “10x10” marquee frame was used as the structural shell for the Lycra fabric.

Bringing the structure into life presented difficulty but we overcame this by utilizing our form finding and patterning software to create this smooth, wrinkle-free finish.


Internal Skin - Nyron Lycra.  External Skin - Ferrari 502.

Two different types of fabric were chosen to create a bubbling effect on the Lycra fabric with sun light coming through the clear PVC cut outs resembling the champagne bubbles.


The architectural concept was converted directly into a computer model using finite element analysis software. The structure was fabricated as a single skin membrane with no field joints.

Construction and Maintenance

Construction sequence - Erect Marquee, install external skins, install Lycra skin and tension Lycra by moving the top ring and bottom rings into design position.