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60 Margaret Street, Sydney
60 Margaret Street, Sydney (MakMax)

60 Margaret Street, Sydney (MakMax)


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Category: Tension structures - (coated fabrics) less than 500sqm
Client: W. Eggerking & Co Pty Ltd
Engineer: Tensys, Peter Lim
Fabric: Hiraoka 212-II SAC
Date completed: 21 February 2012
Address: 60 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Size: 600sqm
Steel Supplier: Steelman
Fabric Supplier: Hiraoka Australia
Installer: Sydrig


Covering an area surrounded by buildings and infrastructure can be challenging, this project succeeds in proving 300sqm of covered space to a Sydney inner city child care centre. Our client requested a complete coverage solution to an odd shaped terrace area in Sydney’s inner city. In addition to the need for weather protection, the atrium area was also at risk to falling glass and debris from the neighbouring buildings, the final design incorporates a double layer of high translucency PVC membrane to allow maximum light transmission while proving the safety barrier to any falling objects.

The space was to be used by the day care, housing play equipment and covering eating and activity areas. Height considerations were an important concern, the fabric surface obviously needed to clear the tall play equipment while staying low enough so as it did not impede neighbouring businesses windows and views.

The high translucency PVC fabric allows a large amount of light to enter the space while remaining entirely weather proof as per our client’s request. Using the surrounding buildings engineers were able to create a full cover solution with just one central support column. Manufactured from our Brisbane based factory, the fabric structure used locally sourced materials, Australian labour and local installers, a truly Australian made product.

Challenges faced during the project included installation to existing facades, removal of neighbouring building facia provided the only answer to connection questions. Another challenge was noise limits, the construction site boarders a hotel and an office block leaving little tolerance for noise.

Our client is more than happy with the result; the venue was completely operational less than four months from the contract being awarded, total down time for the business totalled only three weeks. Today the child care centre allows children to use the outdoor play equipment in any weather, a great advantage to the business’ staff!