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Mary McKillop College Amphitheatre
Mary McKillop College Amphitheatre

Mary McKillop College Amphitheatre


Entrant: Shade And Membrane Structures Australia (Design / Project Management / Install)

Completed: May 8 2014

Client: James Trowse Constructions

Team: Opus Architecture, Osborn Lane, James Trowse Constructions, Shadecom

This project was entered in the LSAA 2016 Design Awards - Category 1, Small Fabric Structures, #1434

The application of the project was to provide a waterproof covered structure to the School's new Amphitheatre



Working closely with the engineers and designers along with the builder, we were able to complete this stunning 240 sqn amphitheatre project on time and with grteat results. The cover itself has a rolled (2 ways) partial webbed truss along the high front edge, connecting to 5 columns positioned in a semi-circular design around the back edge.

Given a base set of structural drawings to work with we had to refine the detailing and design the fabric and connection methodology. Installation was completed within a very tight site and time frame was successfully completed.

Structural Systems

Generally the initial structure was pre-engineered by Osborne Lane before the project was tendered. Upon winning the tender we worked closely with both Osborne Lane and our preferred Engineer Larry Shyu of Global Membrane Design to work through the finer connection details, shop drawings, and patterning and connection detailing required for the fabric itself.

A small and compact worksite had to be taken into account when designing the finer details for the most efficient installation process to occur.


Given the design loads, the longevity the client was after and our preference for only the best materials available we use the premium Ferrari 802s for this project. Galvanised cables with Stainless steel connections along with galvanized and painted steel and membrane plates were used on this project to ensure long life and extended periods of non-maintenance.


We contracted out both the steel and membrane fabrication with regular ITP's for both. The membrane was patterned by Larry Shyu of GMD, which was sent to Copelands and Pickers for nesting, plotting and welding using their high frequency welders.


For this project we built strong relationships with the complete team and supply chain.. As with all projects we offered a detailed warranty and maintenance schedule which includes not only the manufacturer's warranty for the membrane but also our own comprehensive warranty and schedule.

Our maintenance schedule includes regular inspections of both frame and fabric both based on periodic checks and specific event checks.