LSAA Design Awards are given at our Major Conferences which we aim to hold every two years.

See below for the current Categories and General Information.

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Small Structures (Click on Award to see Article)

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Medium Structures

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Shadecloth Structures

Large Structures

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Glazing and Facades

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Design and Construction Collaboration

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Special Applications

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LSAA 2018 Design Award Entries by Category

Category 1 "Small Structures"

1709 Oran Park Library.

1160  Mandura Fishing Pier Shade Structure.

1405 West End Common.

1400  Ryde Shopping Centre Travelator Canopy.

1431 Bondi Pavillion.

1900 Randwick Golf Club Canopy

Category 2 "Medium Structures"

2023 Capital Square Podium.

2070 Knox Grammar School

2107 Carousel Shade Structures.

2431 Hyper Coaster Queueing Canopies.

Category 3 "Shadecloth Structures"

3136 Yeppoon Shade Structures.

3232 Scarborough Foreshore.

Category 5 "Glazing and Facades"

5085 Velodrome Façade

5431 RNA Brisbane Large Animal Pavillion.

5594 Federation Square Stage Canopy

5627 Monash (Caulfield Campus) Library Shade House

Category 4 "Large Structures"

4001 Macquarie University Campus Common.

4066 QUT Sports Field Car Park.

4100 Sumartran Tiger Adventure.

4101 Wellington Regional Bowling Club.

4431 Marrara Tennis Centre.

4432 Playford Bowls Club Triple Bowls Green Cover.

4433 Inglis Selling Centre Warwick Farm Racecourse.

Category 6 "Collaboration"

6123 Home of the Arts Outdoor Stage.

6431 Perth Stadium Tensile Membrane Roof.

Category 7 "Special Applications"

7235 Westfield Chermside Redevelopment.

7431 D'Arenberg Winnery Cube Umbrellas.

7432 Perth Stadium Arbour Walk 

7627 Somewhere Other – Venice Biennale Structure

7700 Dual Skin Safety Net System


The LSAA 2018 Design Awards are for completed projects since November 2016.

Projects, or significant portions of a structure, may be located around the globe but the Awards are primarily intended for projects that have a substantial local contribution - such as design, fabrication or construction.

The Awards are also open to companies or individuals who may not have acted as the main designer, fabricator or installer. However only one entry per project will be considered.

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