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Magryn & Associates

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Magryn and Associates Pty. Ltd. is a small structural and civil engineering consultancy based in Adelaide, South Australia, and undertaking work throughout Australia. We offer design services and expertise in civil and structural engineering, with a specialty in the area of coastal engineering.
We have permanent professional engineers and technical officers/drafters on staff, and specialist engineers contracted as required.

We undertake a large number of designs for shade structures of differing shapes, sizes and configurations. These range from simple shades to large architectural designs, to specialized designs such as barrel vault shades.

Shades may be in shadecloth or impermeable PVC membrane.

Generally clients like their shades to be as "free" and "unrestrained" as possible; however, all shades have the common problem that they develop very large internal forces. The balance and restraint of these internal forces requires careful consideration, and all of our shades are computer modelled in three dimensions to reflect their actual performance in the field.

Shade structures are generally designed and fully documented, ready for council certification and construction.

Website: http://www.magryn.com.au/