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TensileDraw: the Tensile Structure Software

TensileDraw is an AutoCAD and RHINO fully compatible and integrated plug-in software package developed in collaboration with Maffeis Engineering & Consulting. It can simulate well balanced force stress distribution on the membrane surface without complicating file exportation and related compatibility problems.

The great versatility of the application is most significant: it can calculate the form of complex geometry fabric structures thanks to the generation of a warp and weft beam mesh reproducing the orthotropic behaviour of fabric material.


The dimension and complexity of the project has no limit: TensileDraw computational skills can be applied to structures of various dimensions equipped with different structural elements (i.e. borders, cables, fixed length cables, etc.).

TensileDraw is a form finding software package the output files of which are the basis for further services of our engineering office.

TensileDraw is a valid aid in every step of the design process: 3 dimensional mesh results a powerful tool to compute the efforts that stressed fabric transfers to the solid supports. It generates a productive dialogue between the client, the architect, the structural planner and the manufacturer of the materials used.

A "light" version is available from http://www.mehler-texnologies.com/EN/software.php?pid=37

The "full" version is available from http://www.me-c.it/index.php/tss/wathis