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ASCE Standard for Tensile Membrane Structures (55-16)

Prepared by the Tensile Membrane Structures Standards Committee of the Codes and Standards Activities Division of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE

Standard ASCE/SEI 55-16 provides minimum criteria for the analysis, design, and performance of membrane-covered cable and rigid member structures, collectively known as tensile membrane structures. It is applicable to both permanent and temporary structures.

The requirements of this standard apply whether the tensile membrane structure is independent of or attached to another structure. ASCE/SEI 55-16 updates the previous edition (ASCE/SEI 55-10) and replaces Standard ASCE 17-96, Air-Supported Structures, thus placing those guidelines next to conventional tensile membrane structures and frame-covered membrane structures, all in a single standard.

Tensile Membrane Structures will be valuable to engineers and practitioners involved in the design or construction of a wide variety of tensioned fabric structures.

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