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Technet GmbH - Easy Software update

Easy Release 2016

Our new Easy Relase 2016 will launch in November, it includes improvements and adds new features. A new licensing file will be required for the new version which will be sent automatically by email to all customers with a software maintenance contract.

Easy 2016 highlights:

  • Easy Taylor - graphical editor for processing flattened cutting patterns, easier setting of compensation values. Seam and boundary allowance with welding marks and appropriate overlapping. Persistent points facilitate the merging of different netparts. Visual and numerical check of the cutting quality.

64 bit version - Easy Release 2016 supports the 64-bit technology. Now it is possible to access more than 4GB RAM. With the appropriate hardware and a 64-bit operation system even larger projects can be handled.

Technet is a member of LSAA - see their Profile Page