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LSAA Executive Contribute to IASS 2023

LSAA Executive Contribute to IASS 2023

The theme of the IASS 2023 symposium is Integration of Design and Fabrication, which is becoming increasingly important with the developments of digital technologies in both design and manufacturing.

Both our (LSAA) President Peter Lim from Tensys, and our Vice-President Scott Rathie from Arups gave presentations on the opening day of the Symposium.

PLim IASS2023A

Scott Rathie IASS2023B

Images from Greg Goldblatt.

Some images from the Master Class workshop:

IASS2023 Symposium 0185

IASS2023 Symposium 0189

IASS2023 Symposium 0190

IASS2023 Symposium 0191