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The Canopy front entrance (photo credit: ADCO Constructions)
Canopy at Rosenthal Ave, Lane Cove (by Fabritecture)

Canopy at Rosenthal Ave, Lane Cove (by Fabritecture)

The Canopy at Rosenthal Project Description

The Canopy at Rosenthal is a complex redevelopment project in Lane Cove, Sydney featuring over 6,000m2 of public space, including playgrounds, parks and landscaping, entertainment areas, retail services such as Coles and ALDI, BBQ’s, and amenities.

Fabritecture was contracted for the design & construction of an ETFE pneumatic cushion linkway roof canopy at the complex. The roof forms part of a larger collaborative project by ADCO Constructions, Lane Cove Council, and the local community. The skylight section of the canopy is made from two double-layer ETFE cushions that follow the rolling curvature of the main roof. The client was incredibly pleased with the end result of The Canopy project.

Our customer survey results from the client were fantastic and we received a positive testimonial.


The Canopy at Rosenthal is a complex redevelopment project in Sydney featuring a custom bespoke architectural ETFE link canopy. The Canopy project was designed by supermanoeuvre, who were the winners of an international competition to provide an iconic entrance experience to a new public car park and restaurant destination in Sydney’s Lane Cove.

Fabritecture were contracted for the design and construction of the ETFE skylight component of the overall canopy.

The design was finalised through design consultation and installed using best practice techniques.



The design of the ETFE cushions is extremely unique and eye catching. The ETFE cushions were installed between the curving and rotating roof, which was very complicated in geometry. The ETFE extrusion connection details are faceted at ~400mm lengths to achieve the complex radii.

Change to the upstands allowed for a continuous steel angle that our connection detail attaches to.


The canopy is made from two 2-layer ETFE pneumatic cushions that were designed to follow the rolling curvature of the main roof. The cushions are connected to secondary steel angles that follow the perimeter of the rolling roof structure opening. The pneumatic cushions are constructed from two layers of clear ETFE film.

The geometry of the ETFE canopy structure was governed by the snake-like roof design. The ETFE cushions had to fit into the spaces created between the roof so that water could shed onto the main roof. The unique ETFE cushion shape fills the void and encloses the space below, allowing for weather proofing.

A clear ETFE system without frit in a two-layer cushion was chosen in order to maximize light transmission through the skylight. Clear ETFE provides high light transmission, creating a bright ambience below in addition to the very aesthetic bespoke look and feel of the roof.


The two ETFE cushions were designed to wind region A2 TC3 (AS1170.2 (2001)) with gust wind speed to 46 m/s and gust wind pressure of 0.90 kPa. The upper and lower foils are 250 um thickness. Designed to tolerances of +/-1.0mm.

The cushions are connected to the main structure using a single profile aluminium extrusion with PVC flashing detail to ensure the roof is water proof.  


The Canopy at Rosenthal project was valued at AUD$220k.

Photo credits: ADCO Constructions


Project Name: The Canopy at Rosenthal

Location: 2 Rosenthal Avenue, Sydney, NSW, 2066
GPS Location: -33.813820398017455, 151.16965244984428

Completion Date: 13-Jun-2020
Preferred Category (1-8): 1 – Small structures < 250m2

Entrant Name: Fabritecture
Address (Street): Unit 14/15 John Duncan Court, Varsity Lakes, QLD 4227

Telephone Landline: +61 7 5587 7000
Mobile: +61 408 402 716
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website Address: www.fabritecture.com
Entrant Type / Role: Designer / Installer

Project Client: ADCO Constructions
Project Architect: supermanoeuvre
Structural Engineer: Maffeis Engineering
Other Consultants and Roles: Taylor Thomson Whitting (Designer)
Building Contractor: ADCO Constructions