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Vector Arena Atrium Lights
Vector Arena Atrium Lights

Vector Arena Atrium Lights


Entry in the LSAA 2007 Design Awards (Cat 4, 4022) "Internal and Sculptures"

Entrant: Structurflex Ltd

Client: Vector Arena     Architect: Peddle Thorpe Architects
Structural Engineer: Compusoft Engineering Auckland   Fabricator(s): Structurflex Ltd

Application and Function

Design and build a unique light cover for the atrium lights at the new Vector Arena in Auckland. The basis of the design is the waka (canoe).



Design Brief

The architect's requirements were:

  • To provide a light shade to cover the fluorescent lights being used in the atrium of the arena.
  • To incorporate a "Pacific Theme" that relates to Auckland  New Zealand
  • The shades needed to be easily accessible for maintenance purposes.
  • Frames need to be light in both weight and composition.

Structural System

The frame needed to be relatively light so that it could be lowered easily for maintenance. The frames were manufactured out of aluminium. The steel support hangers were supplied by the main contractor to our design.


Mehler 8964 fabric was used on the skins due to the quantity of defused light it allows through. Spectra rope for exterior bolt rope catenery edges


Due to the slight manufacturing variations in the frames each of the 8 skins were manufactured for a specific frame. All the skins were fitted onto the frames in the factory and transported as a completed unit.

Spectra rope was used as a bolt rope around the perimeter and tensioned using Ronstan 1/4" microloc forks.

Construction and Maintenance

The complete units were lifted into position using a pulley system. The design of the shades is such that it can be lowered to a vertical position to access the lights if the tubes need to be replaced. Toggle pins connect the shades to the hangers and allow for easy lowering of the shade when required. With the use of a pulley system that was supplied this is a 1 person operation.